The best way to learn spelling and vocabulary in many languages in a fun way


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"The quality of this app is very good and it is a great tool for getting children motivated into learning their spelling. We greatly recommend this app and as a result, this app has a 5 Star EAS Certification." 

 "Every school or home should have this app as it sets the groundwork for further vocab and grammar learning in the native language and also, it introduces children to foreign languages. This a great package in an app and we can’t wait to hear more from this developer. " read more  


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"Overall, Dic-Dic is a high quality multilingual vocabulary, spelling and dictation app. It has cute illustrations and boasts different kid voiceovers for each of the 5 language options (which appeal to young children)." read more


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"There are a plethora of spelling and keyboarding apps out there, and developer Perception Technologies, S.L. throws its hat in the ring with Dic-Dic. Multilingual dictation to practise spelling, writing, and sound-letter matching.  With three levels of difficulty and four different languages, this app is a fun way to explore English and learn other languages."

"Overall, this is a great little spelling, keyboarding, and language app all rolled into one.  It's super easy to use and supports basic spelling skills in four languages." read more


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"Dic-Dic is an excellent value for students or children who are learning beginning reading/spelling/phonics skills and for students who would like a gentle, low-key introduction to Spanish or French. The app’s ability to grow with the user is a real plus." read more


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"Dic-Dic. Multilingual dictation to practice spelling, writing and sound-letter matching is such a great learning tool! In addition to spelling and keyboard experience, it give kids the opportunity to explore other languages in a fun and relaxed atmosphere!" read more


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"The possibility of combining these options makes DIC-DIC an attractive game for children aged 3 to 12, suitable both for practicing their first language and for acquiring vocabulary and spelling knowledge in a foreign language." read more


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"It's an app that we really like. On one side it has features that bring the content to students. And on the other, by the possibilities when working with students with special educational needs. It has a simple and intuitive design that provides a high degree of autonomy to the students, being able to work without the help of an adult. The activities are well patterned and error handling is very appropriate, students are not afraid to make mistakes, learn from motivating way." read more


What users say

 My son loves it!

by Lycol on Saturday, April 12 2014

My son uses this to work on his spelling homework. He loves hearing himself say the words and using the letters that fall on the screen. So helpful for studying!


Nice spelling app 
by yangjiaming1987 on Saturday, April 12 2014

Thanks to this app my daughter likes to spell words.After using this app,I found it easily to teach my kid spell words.I speak highly of it.


by tonyleej on Saturday, April 12 2014

Useful educational app,my nephews really like this app. After using this app to get ready for their weekly spelling tests,their scores improved dramatically. I highly recommend it!


by meiguo1 on Friday, April 11 2014

I think it is a great app. It is easy to use. The interface is simple. And there are many features. I think you will love it .


Cute design for children
by Pure_mira on Wednesday, April 09 2014

A good educational app for children. It is very lovely and children can learn different words from it. Recommend it!


Repetitive in the right way 
by lynngus on Monday, April 07 2014

Learning a language requires repetition, and this app provides what is needed to learn. Hearing, seeing and writing the words, as well as a visual of the meaning of the word are all included. This app is meant for young learners--the graphics reflect a young child in mind during development, but don't let that keep you from considering this app for an older learner new to the language. This will provide the practice needed to learn a language.


Multilingual Delight 
by DqTina on Thursday, April 03 2014

This wonderful app is like no other app that I have seen! This is a great app for our English Language Learners! The different levels are perfect for our varied students. Using this app is so easy, just open the app and go! Students can practice their keyboarding while increasing their vocabulary. It is so easy to understand exactly what to do!


Love this app 
by Ealval on Wednesday, April 02 2014

This is a great app for Spanish and english language learners. I have two dual classes that benefit from this App, they practice vocabulary, they love it.

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