The best way to learn spelling and vocabulary in many languages in a fun way


How do I start playing?

You just have to choose the settings for your first game: level of difficulty, language and whether to play with or without clues. Then you can start playing!

While I’m playing, can I change level or language?

Of course: whenever you want you can open the configuration menu, change the settings and then start playing at the level and in the language you chose.

While I’m playing, can I decide I want clues or don’t want them any more?

Yes: whenever you want you can open the configuration menu, change the with / without clues option and carry on playing the same game.

How many chances do I get to write each word correctly?

You have two tries. If you get it wrong twice on the run, you’ll be shown the right answer, so that you can learn how to spell that word.

How can I know how many words I’ve answered correctly?

The album icon lets you open the album for the language and level of difficulty you’re playing with at any time. There’s a different album for each level in each language, which includes all your achievements.

When does the bonus game come up?

It should be a surprise, but we’ll tell you anyway: at the easiest level, the game comes up for every 4 words you write correctly. At the next two levels, it comes up whenever you’ve written 5 words correctly.

What happens if I delete the album?

Each album records your achievements in one level in one language. If you delete an album, you’ll start playing again at that level in that language, as if it were your first game. Any other albums you’ve started won’t be deleted, though.

What happens if I finish an album?

Congratulations! It means you’ve written all the words in that album in that language correctly. To play again you’ll have to delete the album. If you want to keep it, you can carry on playing at other levels and in other languages.

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