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Dic-Dic in the classroom

Estudi Kalimba and Perception believe in the potential of the iPad as a platform for educational content. Both as an individual game and projected onto a screen in the classroom, educational apps foster active, participative learning: children are not just receivers of content, but play an active part in the construction of meanings involved in any learning process, any educational task.

This is why we are taking part, with Dic-Dic, in the Apple Volume Purchase Program:

Aimed primarily at schools, through this program we offer our applications at a 50% discount on their current price in the App Store for purchases of at least 20 units of the app.

The Volume Purchase Program is available in Germany, Australia, Canada, Spain, the United States, France, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Find out more at

We would like to thank all the educators who have placed their confidence in us and are using our apps in your classrooms: you encourage us to go on creating and try to do it better and better. We are delighted to receive your comments and suggestions.

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